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Welcome to the brick pattern art gallery. This particular gallery contains the collection of works that use a circle style geometric pattern as a back drop for the full range. The principles of this are simple but even so, the full range of styles and effects are awesome!

All of these works were produced on MS paint. Even though it is an ancient medium for creating art, i believe it works really well for these images as long as the print does not exceed 1 sq metre. Even so, that is a huge print! Do be careful.

All of the work presented on this site is a smaller image of the original print size. The full size image quality is 25 mega pixel which is the sale quality print size. Thus, much higher quality.

You can buy all of these works in the form of photo or canvas prints at our online shop.

Let’s take a look at the full gallery. Click on any thumbnail to view the full image!

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We also produce action packed geometric light show videos. These involve rapid colour and light transitions produced in the traditional way that animation is produced. We fill in slides individually and then speed them up by to 20 – 40 slides per second and the results are truly spectacular. These videos are hosted on our Youtube channel.

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