Zones of transformation mosaic art print

Zones of transformation mosaic art print

Today we have a really exciting geometric art print design called  zones of transformation

These geometric artworks, of which there are many here on Art Geometrix are based on a grid mosaic style backdrop. The level of complexity is insane and we love producing are with this format. The mosaic contains roughly 7,000 individual squares which all need colouring. Often following a strict pattern they reveal themselves as you continue on with the piece.

Here is the art piece!

Zones of transformation mosaic art print

Zones of transformation

What do you guys think?

These designs can take anywhere between 15 and 20 hours to produce. A mammoth task and a lot of painstaking work later, the finished article! The prints shown on this site are all available in our PRINT STORE.

We recommend that the prints are all great up to the size of 1 sq metre. After that the print drops below 120 DPI and though it would still look good. It would start to look pixelated upon closer inspection. The reason for that is that these are produced in MS paint. A basic and almost ancient software program which for these particular projects, is perfect.

Why not take a look at the designs we do on the flower of life pattern.  It is guaranteed to blow you away. Just click on the gallery in the sidebar.

We also produce geometric light show videos which we love doing. You just have to watch the video below to see what we mean. A word of warning though! These videos do contain rapid flashing lights and may not be suitable for everyone. Some of these transitions happen so fast that they can have a similar effect to a strobe light.

The full collection of videos are hosted on our Youtube channel.

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