Complex geometric art compilation

Complex geometric art compilation

Today we have a unique style of art compilation to share with you. These are not your typical stage lights but they are just as mind blowing. Welcome to Art Geometrix. Thanks for coming to check out our complex geometric art compilation.

Here is the compilation

We recommend that the prints are all great up to the size of 1 sq metre. After that the print drops below 120 DPI and though it would still look good. It would start to look pixelated upon closer inspection. The reason for that is that these are produced in MS paint. A basic and almost ancient software program which for these particular projects, is perfect for us. Even at 1 sq metre. It is still a substantial piece of artwork. Guaranteed to take centre piece in any room.

This particular compilation focuses on the flower of life pattern. We love how it looks and the versatility of it is very impressive. There is literally no end to the sheer variety of styles and combinations that you can utilise with these.

We also produce action packed light show videos like this one. But beware the rapid flashing lights. They can be overwhelming if you are not disposed to flashing lights.

In addition to these prints we also produce a series of highly intricate mosaic art prints.Why not take a look at our PRINT STORE.

Here are a few examples


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